Covering an area of approximately 150 square miles the New Forest (in Hampshire, U.K) contains a mixture of woodland,open heathland and wetland bogs and within these diverse habitats can be found an amazing array of wildlife.

From the iconic New Forest Ponies and the mighty Red Deer to the beautiful Butterflies and tiny Insects the Forest is home to quite literally thousands of different animals and we havent even started on the diverse array of Fungi,Flora and Fauna.

The following pages are a glimpse into the everyday life of one of the country's finest National Parks.

Thanks for taking the time to look and i hope you enjoy.

Keith Talbot.

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Keith, you are unique in everything what you do :)
42.Karen Elizabeth(non-registered)
Amazing pictures and especially love the Deer one's. The New Forest really is a stunning place full of photo opportunity and you capture it perfectly.
It is obvious that you admire nature, nice job :)
Amazing beauty of nature! Simply great work :)
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Naturality! That is the prime factor that did attracted me to your gallery. There would be a lot of people around who would be pointing out that as some drawbacks, but as a nature lover, I wish to see images like this.
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